Sunday 14 July 2013

Summer School

Those words can fill you with horror or with joy, depending a little on who you are. Possibly the happiest person to go to summer school is the Open University student. Typically, this student is fitting their studies around a day job and a family life. The summer school represents a unified chunk of time dedicated to their studies. It’s also offers a chance to meet like-minded people. And maybe also an opportunity to meet the tutors who have up until now just been an email address.
For others, these two words bring less happiness. For tutors it may mean extra weeks teaching after an already busy year, at a time when they should really be preparing for next year and also doing some research.
For students it may imply failed modules and a need to resit. More coursework must be produced, more exams must be sat and revision classes must be attended. It’s an anxious time, too, for course leaders. Life has happened to some of these students and we want to help them to get through. The hot weather saps energy, though, and we need a break too.
I’m currently supporting my resit students as much as I can. I’ll be sending emails and making phone calls again tomorrow. It’s rewarding, though, when you get a response and everything seems to be on schedule.            

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