Thursday 30 June 2011

Transitions Day at All Hallows RC High School with Salford BEP

I had a really fun time yesterday delivering four workshops on storytelling to year 4 students from feeder schools to All Hallows RC High School, Weaste Lane, Eccles. The idea behind the Transitions Day was to help students from the feeder primaries get used to the high school building and each other. Four groups of students took part in my story-telling workshop. I was aided by one of my very capable Level 6 students, who in fact ran one of the workshops herself, skilfully tailoring it to fit the reduced time we had -  the coach bringing two of the groups had got held up in traffic.  
Salford BEP – Business and Education Partnership supplied all the materials, set up the room for a rotation of workshops and organised the event really well.
We used several exercises to get the creative juices flowing:
Each student had to say something about themselves and Salford. They started off “Once upon a time there was boy / girl called ….. . Then we looked at some photos of Salford old and new. They had to bring what they saw into the story they were creating. Next, we passed around the magic box and took out an item for ourselves. Then we passed it round again and took out another item to give to someone else. We added these items into our stories. For the last five to ten minutes the students wrote their story on a post card. There were some amazing results.  
I’m going to do a version of this at the Salford Sampler event of 15 July 2011.

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