Monday 18 July 2011

The Salford Sampler

This event rocked. We had just the right number of people in attendance. The day was kick-started by a performance from some of our students.  It was absolutely excellent I have to say. One of our graduating creative writing students read out his piece about the city whilst some of our English, Drama and Performance Studies added extra voices and acted parts out.  
Even though many of the attendees were from the university, they were from a variety of places, and not always obvious ones.  There was also a good representation form the community.
There was enough material offered that we could run parallel sessions – at one point there were three on at once. This made my session rather small, and in fact it was attended by three of my colleagues. No pressure then. I’m pleased to say, nevertheless, that within thirty minutes we had all found a Salford story and found a voice in which to tell it to a young adult.         
There were several other story-telling / finding sessions and I’m pleased to say I attended quite a few of them and enjoyed them very much. It’s good to be taught occasionally.
As the day wore on, the group got smaller so we were a really intimate bunch for the last two sessions. Nevertheless, it still felt extremely successful.   

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